GDA performance events are organized for individual companies, groups, communities, universities and colleges. Our performance are based on African and Caribbean cultural and traditional drumming and dance, etc. GDA can offer you;
1. Dance therapy
2. Music and dance workshop
3. Traditional African cooking/Hair plaiting
4. Cultural and traditional costume
5. African story telling and games
6. Acrobatic display and Art crafts

GDA performs and holds workshops on African and Caribbean dance, music and drama, story telling and costuming for:
1. Schools, colleges and universities.
2. Youth clubs and young offenders.
3. Children and Adults with special needs.
4. Trainee teachers.
5. Residences and weekend courses.

We offer training in Afro Caribbean culture from ages 6-20 upwards. We also perform at Parties, Marriages, Christian functions, both able and disable schools, Anniversaries and many more.
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