Originally from Ghana, Florence's career in cultural dance spans over 40 years. She trained as a professional dancer at the Art council of Ghana. Her career in dance ranges from African, Caribbean to contemporary. Florence is inspired to be working with Gahu Dramatic Arts (GDA) and championing the field of integrated dance.

Florence quickly grew and formed GDA, an urban dance group in 2005, tasked with organizing their engagement programs. Her role grew and she has managed all of the organization's Hackney One Carnival.

Florence is dedicated to research about dance and supports many types of endeavors and activities within the dance field. In collaboration with the Board of Directors, she helped in establishing policies. She has received tremendous support through the Hackney Council, Hackney voluntary and community centre grant and Chess Development Fund (CDF). Florence with GDA, have been performing not only in London but outside the capital as guest but more often as competitors. Florence who is the group's ace choreographer always tries to create a dance style that is eye catching and entertaining.

Florence has always enthralled audiences with her snappy, yet graceful, moves and the creativity of her work. It is something that has been a part of GDA culture ever since its inception. Her form of self-expression is classified in various types depending on the genre of the music, with which she's associated, and the number of people involved in performing it.

As the Artistic Director of GDA, Florence has defined the Organization's image, cultivating a dynamic collection of classical, neo-classical, and contemporary repertoire, ranging from full-length African, to Caribbean masterworks.

With GDA being an extremely creative dance group of London, Florence has performed numerous shows all over London. It's been many decades of long hard work in her enthusiasm and devotion towards her work. According to Florence, "To dance means to be new, to be fresh at every moment, As though one had just issued from the hand of God!!!" Florence is the complete package of uniqueness and can make your event a truly spectacular show. Together with GDA, Florence is such an innovative and magnificent personality.

Florence and the group have held audiences spellbound with their performance which are listed as follows:
  • 2006: Theatre performance, Hackney Empire
  • 2006: Hackney Mar De Grass, Hackney
  • 2006: Black History Month, Plymouth
  • 2006: Black History Month, Hackney Town Hall
  • 2005: Fair Trade Exhibition, South London
  • 2005: Greenwich Festival, Greenwich
  • 2004: Cultural performance, Brighton
  • 2004: Dance performance, Museum of London
Executive Director
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