William Doe Agbeti is a trained journalist, experienced social worker, seasoned executive administrator, and nonprofit organization management professional, with a combined track record of 29 years work experience behind him.

William performed the role of Volunteer Secretary for the Odehe Folkloric Cultural Troupe, a leading African cultural drumming and dance group in Ghana, for the period 1975-1982. During this era, he was instrumental in training scores of male and female artistes into high caliber professional drummers and dancers.

Together with Albert Lamptey, the late founder and leader of Odehe, William helped a great deal to promote the group all over Ghana, parts of Africa and within Europe on various cultural trips. As a result, many young men and women from Odehe began traveling overseas to set up their own cultural groups or work as professional artistes, including but not limited to Florence Armah, the celebrated founder and leader of the Gahu Dramatic Arts.

Having William on the governing board of the Gahu Dramatic Arts Organization is a great asset to the organization.

Martha is a first degree holder of Fine Arts from the University of Ghana, Legon. She has developed a wide range of skills and a strong educational background through Ghana's first university with extensive training in social work.

Martha has attended many workshops geared specifically towards social work for the past five years. She also has in-depth interest in cultural dance. She has been teaching for many years, with experience from Pre-Primary to Advanced classes as well as assisting and teaching various artists. 

Martha's passion for dance continues to grow and it's her desire to pass that passion on to others. As a highly dedicated teacher with a focus on proper technique, Martha brings the joy of dance to Gahu. She is passionate about extending her knowledge to the next generation of dancers at Gahu Dramatic Arts.

WILLIAM Doe Agbeti
Country Director
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