Our mission is to enhance, motivate and educate audience.
It's our vision to provide support, for the community through excellence in educational, cultural and recreational activities.
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Gahu Dramatic Arts (GDA) is a non-profit organization, founded and incorporated in 2005 in the United Kingdom. GDA has a branch in Ghana. The organization is dedicated to research about dance and supports many types of endeavors and activities within the dance field. Policies are established by a Board of Directors, confirmed by the participation of its membership, the public, and various funding agencies. Support is provided through the Hackney Council, Hackney voluntary and community centre grant and Chess Development Fund (CDF). GDA welcomes those who are interested in volunteering their time and skills.

Gahu means rich drum, a word from Ewe in the southern part of Ghana. We deliver a vibrant, energetic and emotional flowering performance to our audience and spectators, which includes all ages and cultural background. GDA’s aim is to promote, teach and preserve African and African-Carribean traditional cultures.

GDA also helps us to understand and appreciate traditional African music, drama, drumming, dance and story telling through performance and workshops, lectures and demonstration of African and Caribbean techniques and rhythms.
If you have questions regarding making a donation or you would like to make a donation over the phone please call us at 07534505756. To donate online please use the email address below.